Thursday, February 14, 2008

Art Images Custom Painting

Custom Traditional Painting, Murals and Furniture Restoration are my forte. Graphic Design is my backround, although painting offers an opportunity to utilize a creative nitch. Liven up your home or office with a mural or faux splash of color. Children love to have their own personalized designs and color incorporated into their rooms and furniture.

Faux or Mural samples are submitted for client review and a final selection is implemented and the excitement begins with complete customer satisfaction.

Furniture Repair and Restoration pieces are custom stained or painted to match the decor or compliment coordinating accent furnishings. Custom color matches or graphic techniques, (to duplicate Oak and Cherry grain patterns) and faux-finishes revealing marble, granite, metalic, suede, rag, wrapping, or stippling applications can be achieved. Children's furniture or family heirlooms can be personalized per request with a family Crest or name and date of birth, etc... Intricate sculptured pieces can be added to the furniture to resemble leaf, floral or various other patterns.

Any questions regarding our paint products or to open an account, call 517-548-0982 or Email: to set up a color consultation or schedule and appointment for a portfolio review.